In an effort to ensure we are able to provide you with the best possible solutions, we have partnered with a select group of companies. This group of companies represent some of the best corporations in the industry.
HP logo PAXUS LLC embraces HP's diverse set of platform technologies including the line of NonStop servers, NonStop Integrity Servers, and NonStop Blade Servers. The partnership between PAXUS LLC and HP provides customers with world class performance and reliability. PAXUS LLC is a member of HP's Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP).
IBM logo IBM is the largest computer technology company in the world. It makes and sells hardware and software and also provides hosting and IT consulting. Founded in 1896, IBM currently has a presence in more than 170 countries.
Stratus logog Stratus Technologies is a provider of fault-tolerant computer systems. Its servers provide 99.99999% business availability to customers. Stratus also provides systems for security, recovery, performance management, and more.
Thales e-Security Thales e-Security is an established and profitable world leader in the supply of cryptographic security products and solutions used to protect a range of critical information infrastructures. Typical applications include safeguarding ATM and POS transactions and the safe exchange of value-bearing transactions among businesses. Thales also provides advanced strong-authentication solutions that manage and issue identities securely, verifying transactions with audit trails, and protect of government networks. Anywhere where the privacy, authenticity, and integrity of transactions and information is critical you can find Thales e-Security.
INETCO Systems

INETCO Systems, Ltd. has provided SDTN (Short Duration Transaction Network) data communications products for mission critical, high security transaction applications since 1984. Its clients include some of the world's largest banks, retailers, stock exchanges, telco's, mobile data wireless, and debit/credit card processing networks.

INETCO's primary products provide cash dispenser, ATM and POS wireless, dial up, and leased line connection to banking hosts, transaction processors, and third party ISOs. The company's high performance multiple protocol gateway offers reliable front-end host and server protocol conversion capabilities for IP, SNA, X.25, and other networks.

Lean Industries Lean Industries is a premier provider of back office systems for the payments processing industry. Its AdjustmentHub Claims and Adjustment system has been integrated into PAXUS LLC's Dynamic suite of products.
Exant eXant is a supplier of a user friendly report generator named eXporter that enables employees with limited IT skills to gain access to otherwise hidden data from any company database. PAXUS LLC is a reseller for the eXporter product in the Americas.
Rhino Graphica Small and flexible, creative and strategic, Rhino Graphica, LLC is uniquely positioned to serve its client's creative needs from branding and design to marketing strategy and analytics.