Banking & Finance

Banks and other financial institutions find themselves in a highly competitive market where a constant stream of new products and services are required to maintain a competitive edge. In this environment, the IT divisions of these organizations are in a constant battle to provide technical solutions for these new products and features while also maintaining the required compliance with outside entities, such as the regional and national switches and card associations.

The legacy applications used in most of these organizations hinder the progress of such initiatives by increasing the time to market for many new products and features. At Paxus, we believe that our Intelligent Transaction Process framework will help these organizations by reducing time to market for new products, while reducing overall cost of ownership by improving system performance. The applications are built on open systems technologies and are agnostic of any operating system or database management system. This allows customers to leverage existing infrastructure and skill sets and has a two-fold effect. It increases competitiveness through innovation and increases profitability through reduction of overall operating costs.

Key products for the Banking and Finance Industry



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