About Us

PAXUS LLC delivers cutting-edge electronic payment, related solutions and first class integration services to financial institutions, retailers, merchants, and third party processors around the world. The Dynamic Logic Processing line of products include unique solutions that seamlessly integrate with the customer's legacy systems. As the economy continues to shift to Internet retailing, kiosks, RFID, and open standards, Paxus positions its customers to meet these future challenges.

PAXUS LLC's product suite is architected with innovation in mind. From its virtual programming concepts to its cross platform portability and scalability, the Dynamic suite is designed to take advantage of new IT innovations and allow clients to build and innovate within the specific business vertical. PAXUS has more than 30 years of systems integration experience working with top financial institutions and payment processors across 20 countries.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Paxus is a privately held organization. This independence allows Paxus to make strategic business decisions that are in the best interest of its customers instead of focusing on short-term demands from Wall Street. As a Midwest company Paxus employs industry experts who have decades of experience in the payments processing industry. This mix of modern solutions and industry expertise makes Paxus the platinum standard for payments processing.