Organizations are faced with an ever changing and expanding payments processing landscape. The challenge for organizations is to maintain a stable customer interface, while continually changing its IT infrastructure to incorporate new technologies for improved performance and content delivery while reducing overall operating costs. The Dynamic:GATEWAY provides these capabilities with a modern, scalable and portable framework, upon which applications are built, that will enable any organization to meet these vastly diverse requirements.

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Dynamic:GATEWAY is a high-performance, high-availability messaging middleware that is used as a foundation for application development. Its scalability and reliability are achieved by its ability to execute across multiple processors and systems. Therefore, a single processor or component failure will not effect the overall operation of the Dynamic:GATEWAY or the application running within it. Its component failure recovery function will re-establish communications or IO paths with entities that were lost as a result of the component failure. The limit to the component failure recovery will be the level of redundancy built into the network.

The Dynamic:GATEWAY handles all the communications, thread management, queue management, message prioritization, and system related functions. Many optional components provide customers with the features and functionality they require to operate their business. With Gateway's modular approach customers can choose the best solutions to their needs.

Dynamic:GATEWAY is an object-oriented framework that implements many core patterns for concurrent communication software. Dynamic:GATEWAY provides a rich set of reusable C++ wrapper facades and framework components that perform common communication software tasks across a range of OS platforms.

Dynamic:GATEWAY can be used with included components or customers can develop modules that meet their unique needs. Engineers will appreciate the powerful, well documented object oriented API's and openness of architecture. They can count on the low level components working so they can focus on the specific business requirement. Among the provided components is Paxus' unique Dynamic Virtual Interface Manager. This component provides the ability to create and maintain interfaces more quickly than otherwise possible.

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