U.S. based PAXUS LLC was formed in 1999 as a subsidiary of Dynamic Consulting Inc.  Dynamic Consulting was established in 1992 in the UK and provided payments industry consulting services to clients in over 20 countries world-wide.  PAXUS LLC was formed with the intent of creating the best open platform, mission critical enterprise payment and transaction management solution in the market.  Paxus LLC moved to Omaha Nebraska in 2002. 

PAXUS LLC provides cutting-edge payments processing solutions enabling customers to seamlessly integrate legacy applications and modern content delivery solutions.  PAXUS is a privately held organization based in Omaha.  This independence allows PAXUS to make strategic business decisions that are responsive to customer, market, and technology needs.  PAXUS has gathered a team of professionals with vastly different areas of experience and background spanning all payments verticals and many other industries that require modern, high-availability solutions. We have combined this wealth of knowledge and experience to build a modern solution that will be the benchmark in the payments industry.