eXPorter Reporting

eXPorter is architected with the end user as the focal point. While there are many commercial reporting tools on the market, eXPorter is positioned as an end user focused application. With most reporting tools, the report generation and data extraction is an IT centric function. The end user defines the requirements and the IT group develops the required functionality to produce the report or data extract. This methodology for developing reports and data extractions, while common in today's market, impacts the end users productivity. The end user does not have the capability to interrogate the data in the company's database on an ad-hoc basis. This forces the end user to work with the reports that are predefined and reduces their ability to get access to data that may not be on the reports.

With eXPorter, the end user has the ability to create a report and extract data on an ad-hoc basis. The report may be a one-time-use report, to resolve a given problem or build a value add to a business process. That report can then be made a permanent function, if required. All these functions are handled by the end user directly, without the intervention of the company's IT department. This in turn reduces overall operating costs as well as empowers employees with access to valuable data.

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