Software Products for Legacy Systems

Our extensive product suite includes modules that complement your HP NonStop system and payment processing systems in general. They are collectively known as Dynamic:TOOLKIT. These products range from utilities to add-on applications. They cover a wide range of uses such as performance enhancements, security, data mining, disaster recovery, connectivity, fraud control, claims and adjustments, marketing at the ATM screen, and receipt. All PAXUS LLC products are built on a framework that provides customers with unparalleled reliability and performance.

Data Replicator – Move data quickly and reliably
The Data Replicator utility can be used to simultaneously impact databases on two different platforms or systems. Its unparallel performance with its proven stability in real world application makes this a valuable tool in all environments. Its uses range from maintaining Disaster Recovery sites to automatically moving data between platforms to help easy system congestion during peak processing windows. This application can be used to move data from your production HP NonStop environment to your backend settlement system in real time. This eliminates the requirement for extracting transaction data for movement from the online system to the batch systems.

IPComm – Enables TCP/IP communications easily
IPComm is arguably the most powerful TCP/IP middleware application available on the HP NonStop platform today. It can be used to convert almost all application software developed on the HP NonStop platform to be TCP/IP compliant. It can run within a Pathway environment or as a stand alone module that can interface with most applications. It has diverse uses varying from being used as a driver to enable communications with Data Security device (i.e. Device Used to Authenticate Personal Identification Numbers - PINs in a banking system) to running interfaces between organizations or systems. Its load balancing capabilities together with its dynamic automatic reload functions make it a valuable communications protocol handler. IOComm’s unique user exit functions allow users to intercept in-flight messages and translate or modify them as required.

PaxusTime™ – Run applications in different time zones on the same server
PaxusTime is a software product that gives customers the ability to run multiple software applications in multiple time zones on a single HP NonStop system without modifications to the application software. This means you can now run the same application programs (objects) in different time zones without having to make any modifications. The software works by providing each application program the time based on a time offset.

FILEQP (File Query Program) – Develop GUI applications quickly
FILEQP allows customers to easily develop custom GUI application to access data stored on HP NonStop
databases. All applications, screen control, and layouts are developed on the HP NonStop system and deployed to the PC application automatically. This eliminates the requirement for the customer to re-deploy the PC application to activate screen changes. Its advanced security features allow customers to control how the end user can access any data. For example, the Copy and Print buttons on the PC application can be disabled, based on the user’s access rules. The FILEQP application can also be used to easily develop HP NonStop reports and conversion program. It also
has the capability to dynamically process and display ISO messages based on bit maps.

PaxusConnect™ Move transactions from the HP NonStop to the zSeries
PaxusConnect is a software product that gives customers the ability to connect a HP NonStop system with an IBM system without having to develop a custom interface. Customers can use it to feed their POS and ATM transaction records from their HP NonStop Server to their fraud scoring applications that run on an IBM zSeries Server. PaxusConnect is high performance and reliable. Its transport layer is built on a TCP/IP interface and uses a proprietary protocol to ensure data integrity, performance and a raw socket environment over TCP/IP. Data formatting is handled through a routine bound with the main application. It handles error recovery including store-and-forwarding during secondary system outages. The data transport integrity is handled by a check pointing methodology designed for this application. The use of a bi-directional checkpoint function reduces re-transmits and data loss. This function allows the application to detect transmission problems instantly and rectify them, without impacting the system performance or data integrity. PaxusConnect can take advantage of the CICS Tran Server for z/OS to execute transactions on the zSeries mainframe and feed them directly into the target applications.

Paxus-RBTI (Rules Based Transaction Interception) – Stop fraud in real time
The Paxus-RBTI application is a powerful tool that can be used to reduce the instances of fraud in any BASE24 system. This rules based system is not a fraud detection system. Instead, it can be used to intercept and decline transactions based on transaction data to prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring in the system, without impacting the client’s normal use of a credit or debit card.

The Paxus-RBTI application runs as an embedded function within the BASE24-atm or BASE24-pos authorization modules. The rules for the transaction interception are configured through a screen application that is linked to the standard BASE24 configuration screens. The new screens are integrated into the BASE24 application to provide a seamless interface to the users while maintaining the integrity of the BASE24 user interface security system.

Most Fraud detection applications run outside the BASE24 environments on a separate system and require a communication link to transport the data between the applications and systems. An outage of this communications link can leave an organization vulnerable to fraud from known entities. The use of the Paxus-RBTI module can reduce that vulnerability by enabling the organization to intercept fraudulent transactions from known entities while communication with a fraud detection application is interrupted.

Paxus-RBTI also helps organizations save on critical system resources during the online authorization process by declining transaction from known fraud generating entities at its source. This enables organizations to better leverage system resources while maintaining control over fraudulent transaction.

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